It's difficult to imagine.

Church News | Saturday, 1 August 2015 |

By The Vicar's Dad.

It really is difficult to imagine

It really is difficult to imagine

An article from the August church magazine read...

“It’s difficult to imagine” This was a sentiment expressed by the Queen as she left Bergen-Belsen where so many innocent people were mercilessly slaughtered during the Holocaust.

Following the Holocaust, humanity pledged that it would never again allow such hatred to take a grip on the world. At the same time as the Queen was laying a wreath at the Memorial in the camp, news was spreading about a beheading in France, a suicide bombing in Kuwait and the brutal murders of innocent holidaymakers on the beach at Sousse.

Barely 70 years since the Holocaust - it’s difficult to imagine.

But it’s also difficult to imagine how Sir Nicholas Winton, who passed away on first July at the age of 106, found the courage to risk his life in order to save 669 children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia on the eve of the Second World War. For 50 years details of his actions were hidden in a dusty scrapbook in his attic, while he kept silent.

Few people deserve to be called a hero. Sir Nicholas certainly did. He is a role model for all society to follow. If we could aspire to his virtues, a much better world would not be so difficult to imagine.

The Vicar’s Dad.

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