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Church News | Sunday, 7 May 2017 |

By Joan

Hazel and Amber

Hazel and Amber

What a wonderful family service we had this morning at St Mary’s Church, there was so much going on that the time went like lightning. It was quite chilly outside but inside the church it was warm and welcoming. This morning’s service was based on the Gospel according to St John 10: in which Jesus tells us that He is the Shepherd of the sheep. Revd Carolyn read Psalm 23: ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ such a beautiful psalm then after prayers she called the children forward and handed around toy sheep, one little girl seemed so delighted with her ‘sheep’ that she jumped around the isle with joy… So, just like Jesus, all the children had their sheep. Following the talk, we were delighted to witness the Baptism of two delightful young ladies, Hazel and Amber who looked so lovely in their pretty dresses. Revd. Carolyn called them one at a time and baptised them as her family and the congregation looked on. I am sure that Jesus was delighted to gain two more sheep this morning!

Immediately following the Baptism of Hazel and Amber the children and the rest of the congregation were entertained by the puppet crew who performed the song ‘I lost my sheep’. Fluffy the 'sheep-puppet’ is cheeky and very naughty and he always hides away from the shepherd who must constantly look for him, but the shepherd-puppet is just like Jesus and keeps searching until he finds his lost sheep and although Fluffy was lost for a while, he was soon found, thank goodness, and taken home. Our two new lambs, took the collection and handed it to Revd Carolyn at the altar, our young girls also chose a couple of the hymns we sang this morning, I believe Hazel chose ‘He’s got the whole world in His hands’ and the last hymn ‘Praise Him, Praise Him’ was chosen by Amber. It was all just wonderful…

Please note: If you have any objection to this photo of the girls being on the church website please email: joan@grabawish.com and I will remove it as soon as possible…

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