Wheat and Weeds

Church News | Sunday, 23 July 2017 |

By Joan

Revd Julie in among the wheat.

Revd Julie in among the wheat.

Revd Julie was back from her holiday today after what must seem to her to be weeks of upheaval and change. I suppose it must be the same for God’s earth? Whether growing winter or spring wheat, during the cold, dark months of the year all lays dormant, quiet and still, then along comes a little bit of spring sunshine and the winter wheat seeds start to rustle underground and burst into life, or along will come the farmer in spring spreading his fast-growing wheat seeds around, that must certainly liven up the quiet soil. The problem is – along with the sprouting wheat seeds are sprouting weed seeds too!

In today’s parable which tells us about the wheat and the tares growing up together, Revd Julie reminded us how difficult it is to separate weeds from good wheat, and there are times when we are not altogether sure which are the weeds, so the good Lord allows them to grow up together and promises to sort them out at harvest time by keeping the wheat and storing it safe in sheaves whilst bundling up the weeds and disposing of them. Revd Julie said that wheat only needs three things to help it to grow strong and plentiful – Light, Water and Warmth. We as Christians need that too. The true Light of God, the Living Water and the Warmth of Love which is sent to us by the Holy Spirit giving us the Power of Life. We cannot grow strong and do God’s work without Jesus and each other for support and when the wheat is ground into flour to make the bread representing the body of Jesus Christ, we must go and spread the Good News to all, whether they are weeds or wheat.

Just as weeds and wheat are difficult to tell apart, so too are God’s Children. Looking around at people on holiday, Julie said that she found it difficult to tell them apart as we are all God’s children and he loves all of us however, in every walk of life, even in a church family, weeds tend to grow until Jesus sorts them out, so what are we - are we wheat or weeds? Revd Julie said, we must live in Hope that God will look upon us as healthy wheat and not destroy us like the weeds that are thrown on the fire and burned, instead, we must Hope that God will take those of us who are like weeds and uses us to make good compost in which to grow the good wheat seeds of the future…

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