The Mustard Seed

Church News | Monday, 31 July 2017 |

By Joan

This tiny seed can grow as big as a tree

This tiny seed can grow as big as a tree

Following the Gospel reading from Matthew 13: which tells the parable of the mustard seed. In her address Revd Carolyn asked us if we had any idea of what the Kingdom of Heaven might look like. We all have some notion of what we think it might be like, but of course we are never going to see it here on earth as its too far out of our reach. In the reading, the Kingdom of Heaven was likened to the smallest of seeds, the mustard seed, that can grow as tall as a tree, big enough for birds to sit on its branches or to a pearl specialist who finds a pearl so rare and so valuable that he sells everything he owns to purchase it, not that we could ever put a price or a size on God’s Kingdom however, perhaps now and again we may just be able to catch a fleeting glimpse of what it is like, and by us living a full and active Christian life, others may be able to see just a little of heaven too.

Revd Carolyn said of Bishop John Wraw, the bishop of Bradwell who died recently that people who came in contact with him could often be inspired by his faith and his actions: Carolyn said that even though he knew he was very sick he had no fear of dying as he had such a strong faith in God. Bishop John worked right up until the end of his life believing that ‘’ministry was not about serving the Church. It was more about serving God in the world”. Bishop John worked tirelessly for change – Bishop Stephen Cottrell said of him that “When he was diagnosed three years ago, despite the obvious shock, he was determined to carry on with his ministry. Many people would have simply retired. Bishop John just got stuck in, teaching the Christian faith, visiting the parishes he served, and refining his understanding of the gospel so that his life now matched his ministry in a way that was humbling and inspiring to experience.’’

Revd Carolyn said that the reason Bishop John had no fear of death was because he felt that he knew what Heaven looked like, it just leaves his widow and four adult children to grieve for him, Carolyn said of the grieving family and when those of us who have or will experience such loss walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, knowing that God is with us, beside us and supporting us we need have no fear of death either. The Kingdom of Heaven is all around us, it is just waiting for us to discover it.

Bishop John’s funeral will take place on Monday 7th August 17 at 1.00pm at Chelmsford Cathedral.

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