Everything belongs to God

Church News | Monday, 23 October 2017 |

By Joan

Everything we have belongs to God

Everything we have belongs to God

We are all aware that religion and politics don’t mix – Even one of Tony Blair’s political associates declared that he ‘Didn’t do God’. Thus, the church has to be careful too and think twice before becoming embroiled in political issues.

Our Gospel reading on Sunday was from Matthew 22: 15-22 and centred on the political challenge thrown down by the Pharisees to Jesus when he was asked whether or not money, as in taxes, should be paid to Caesar by the Jews. It was a tricky question that was put to Jesus in a bid to trap him, because the coin was worshiped by Pagans. Therefore, Jesus had to be very careful how he replied to this question – Whatever answer he gave meant that he would be damned either way. But Jesus was much cleverer than he was given credit for as he actually made a non-committed reply, saying that they should give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to God that which belongs to God… For everything belongs to God!

So, where does our allegiance lie? What do we care about most? Of course, we need money, clothes and shelter but seeking out God should be our greatest priority. People matter, for we all belong to God and God uses our talents and skills to help change the hearts and minds of others, and if there is little we can do from a practical point of view we can pray, pray that they, and we, have the grace to give back to God that which belongs to Him. And as we heard at evening prayer, Solomon advised his children to get and to embrace wisdom for it is everything, having the wisdom to know God, to love him and trust him is the beginning of wisdom. And in gaining wisdom we can give ourselves and all that we have to God…

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