For all the Saints

Church News | Monday, 6 November 2017 |

By Joan

Come Holy Spirit

Come Holy Spirit

In Revd Diana’s address at the 10.30 service she spoke of Halloween and all the fun of ghouls, ghost and pumpkins, that are the in-thing these days. Being of course, heavily advertised and appealing to children and young people, as a ploy to get parents and youngsters to part with their money. It seems to be a sad reflection that people know all about Halloween but not many know about All Saints’ Day which is followed by All Soul’s Day when we remember the faithful who has gone before us. However, we do have to hold on to our faith, even though Jesus warned us of a harsh world – including natural disasters, wars and conflicts – Diana reminded us that it’s a disciple’s job to continue to proclaim the gospel, even if it does appear that there is little or no place for religion in the world. Even a five minutes program called ‘thought for the day’ on radio 4 has been labelled a waste of air-time. Nevertheless, we should go on with hope and faith, knowing that it is the Holy Spirit that will help see us though the hard times.

I am sure the Holy Spirit was consoling all those who attended the beautiful Bereavement Service held during the afternoon, which is to help and comfort those people who have had family and loved ones pass away over the last few years, and is still a comfort, I am sure, to many who have lost those they had loved in years gone by. The candles were still burning brightly when we attended evening prayer at which Revd Julie spoke about all the Saints who have gone before us and who have made such a difference in the world especially to those who have had a deep faith for most of their live and for those who have just found faith in their lives.

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