Rejection Day

Church News | Sunday, 27 January 2013 |

By Joan Vine

A glimmer of hope?

A glimmer of hope?

It just seems ironic that on the day we learn from St Luke’s gospel of how Jesus was rejected by his own people, we hear of how 'Holocaust Memorial Day' is being held in the UK too. We are told through the scriptures that God came to earth through Jesus so that he could witness and feel our hurt, pain, despair and rejection, the type of suffering the Jewish people had to endure during the Second World War.

After the 10.30am service this morning I went home and listened to the radio and read several accounts of the plight of the Jews during the war and how hard the Prime Minister of the day, Winston Churchill, fought to encourage other countries to help.

I picked up this short piece from a longer article that I thought you might like to read. It was written by Inge Goldrein who was one of the more fortunate child-survivors of the holocaust. She writes…

I came to Liverpool on the Kindertransport which was an organisation providing transport to 10,000 children.

“The British government had ordained that they were going to allow these 10,000 children in to the country. It was a great step forward for those in need of a place of refuge.

“It was a wonderful deed on behalf of this country (UK) because all the other countries in Europe and elsewhere stepped back and said ‘No we don’t need anybody.’

“The family I left behind don’t exist anymore. My father was deported to Minsk, that’s a place where there was ‘killing fields’, and he was one of those who didn’t survive.”...

I was very touched by Inge Goldrein's remarks about the UK, we have always been know as tolerant people and sympathetic to others in need no matter what race, creed or colour they are and, dare I say, that today I felt proud to be British!

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