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By Joan

Just a small display of cakes for CHESS

Just a small display of cakes for CHESS

At this morning’s 10.30am Eucharist Service we heard the Gospel reading about the ‘wicked’ servant who buried his masters money instead of taking a chance to make a profit on what he had been entrusted with. The parable tells us that the servant was afraid of his master and nowhere near as confident as the other servants who found favour with their master for doubling his money. The master is very angry with his fearful servant and casts him out into the darkness after taking what money he did have away!

Revd Carolyn, didn’t seem to think much had changed in the world reminding us of the old saying that ‘the rich get richer, whilst the poor get poorer!’ Not God’s way, she said. For Jesus made a conscious effort to seek out the poor, the homeless and the sick, encouraging us to do all we can to help those in our society to gain just a little bit more as opposed to taking away what they do have and in allowing them some amount of safety and dignity.

Following the service, we were encouraged to make our way into St Leonard’s hall where, not only were we able to get a welcome cup of tea or coffee but we could buy a cake or two (or three) in aid of the charity CHESS. And in case you don’t know exactly what CHESS is or does…

CHESS helps single adults who are distressed and homeless by providing support and temporary accommodation while they come to terms with the immediate problems in their lives.

CHESS in Chelmsford and Essex try to provide decent accommodation for those that have nowhere to go, it's only temporary but it does give people a breathing space and a safe environment in which to recover from daily problems. CHESS tries to help people to get back into society as useful members, whilst supporting their health and wellbeing and they give practical help by encouraging people to attain independent living and employment.

CHESS cares very much for the homeless and tries to raise awareness of the plight of people who may have lost hope. At the same time, they make every effort to respect peoples’ dignity by giving them a sense of security and sanctuary.

The word CHESS stands for Churches Homeless Emergency Support Scheme

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