Mixed Emotions

Church News | Sunday, 15 April 2018 |

By Joan

Love them -Hate them -Afraid?

Love them -Hate them -Afraid?

In her address at this morning’s 10.30am service Revd Carolyn, advised us to think deeply about the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection of Christ, how do we feel about this unbelievable story? Even some of the disciples didn’t believe their eyes when Jesus showed himself to them in a locked upper room, Jesus asked them to look at his wounds and he asked them for food to eat. So, can we truly believe and make any sense of that transition period that Jesus passed through? Some people will truly believe, some with shrug their shoulders and go along with it, while others will completely dismiss the story.

Everyone is different and have diverse emotions on everything in life, Revd Carolyn recounted a family story regarding her youngest daughter when she was about eight. Carolyn was then a brand-new Curate at St Michael’s Church in Gidea Park and the Vicar there had arranged a church function in the Vicarage garden. While the new Curate was busy working, her young daughter came up to show everyone a large spider she was holding, and it was there that Carolyn saw how many mixed emotions her new congregation showed. A few people looked at the spider, while many people moved away, while at the same time, some appeared to be terrified.

On a separate occasion, Carolyn said that she had to remove a large spider from a spot near the font in St Mary’s during a baptism because one of the attendants was fearful so, if we have very mixed emotions over a spider, it’s not beyond belief to imagine the vast amount of emotions we can have regarding the strange Gospel story of Christ, not as a human being suffering in gross-agony, and not yet a ghostly-spirit who had been lifted up into heaven, so what was Christ’s status during that strange time of appearing to speak and eat, whilst ghostly enough to suddenly move through locked doors? What are we ordinary beings to think? Do we care, are we excited, are we afraid, what do we think? As modern disciples, Revd Carolyn suggested that we should be full of joy and excitement knowing for sure that Jesus can transform us, as indeed he was transformed miraculously by his Father in heaven.

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