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Church News | Monday, 7 May 2018 |

By Joan

God's love is for everyone

God's love is for everyone

In her 10.30am Service address this week Revd Julie revealed that she is to become a grandmother to twins… Wow! She said that her eldest daughter lives in Scotland, so even when the twins are born she is not likely to see them anywhere near as much as she would like to – nevertheless, she assured us that she would love them just as much.

Loving relationships are poured out to us from God at our baptisms as we are welcomed into the family of the church. Jesus asked us to abide in him and if we do then he would abide in us, helping us to find love and comfort just as we do in our own homes. Abide means to endure, assuring us that we are never alone throughout our lives. Jesus chooses to be with us always, no matter what our status in life or who we are...

In her evening address Revd Anne, remarked on how the Jews, the chosen people, were quite taken aback to hear that the Holy Spirit had been seen to visit the Gentiles also. After all, the Gentiles were rather looked down upon, rather like the way we may look down upon people who we may not think worthy of receiving anything from God, especially his love and his care. Revd Anne went on to remind us about a Conservative Member of Parliament called Jonathan Aitken (born 30 August 1942) a former Cabinet minister. who was convicted of perjury in 1999 and received an 18-month prison sentence. Whilst imprisoned he became a Christian, studied theology and became the Honorary President of ‘Cristian Solidarity Worldwide’.

Jonathan Aitken said that he would not become a vicar as he didn’t think himself worthy of such a position. In July 2018 he gave a sermon at King’s Church International in Windsor entitled "Finding God in the Depths". So even people who we may consider unworthy of God’s love, are assured that God loves anyone who abides in Him no matter who they are…

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