The Mystical Trinity

Church News | Monday, 28 May 2018 |

By Joan

Three notes - One sound!

Three notes - One sound!

Trying to explain the mystical phenomenon of the Trinity, must be one of the most difficult sermons to deliver. Like most people, listening to an explanation or indeed, reading this article you must have heard some of the examples given on other occasions such as, three bees - one buzz, three candles - one light, GOD: three letters one word, etc.

In her address Revd Julie used the example of a musical chord! She asked our organist Jill to play a three-key chord on the organ and it made a beautiful and harmonious sound. Julie went on to explain that although we only heard one sound each of the keys used made a distinctive and different sound to each of the others. Gradually though the sermon, Revd Julie asked Jill to play each of the notes F. A. and C separatly and they really did sound quite different and yet payed together they sounded like one, somewhat like The Holy Trinity – Father: Our God who made everything. Jesus: God in human form – Holy Spirit: The mystical apparition who proceeds from the Father and the Son. All one, all equal and of one being with the Father.

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