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By Joan

Such power

Such power

Ultimate power is God’s power, which we heard about in our readings today… We had the story from 2. Samuel 1-15 of King David who wielded mighty power and how he abused that power by taking Bathsheba to himself while her husband Uriah was away fighting. And because he lusted after Bathsheba he even set her husband up at the forefront of a battle so that he might be killed. Such abuse of power is to be condemned.

Our Gospel reading was the parable of Jesus feeding the many thousands of people who had gathered to hear Him speak. No amount of money it seemed, could have bought enough food to feed so many people which prompted Jesus to take a small amount of bread and fish, from a young lad and using His power from God distributed the food to all, yielding enough waste to fill many baskets.

Paul’s letter to the Ephesians 3: 14-21 contains a beautiful prayer asking God to grant them power through the Holy Spirit and that Christ may dwell within through faith and love.

Revd Diana said in her sermon, that even though God gives power to people like King David they are often tempted to abuse that power unlike Jesus, who although tempted, only used his power to do good. Jesus walked humbly with the weak and the poor and shied away from earthly power, through the selfless offer of his life.

We are given power through the Holy Spirit at our baptism, not so that we feel good or that we misuse that power – but so that we have the strength and power to help others. The power of God is rooted in those who serve Him even if real discipleship turns out to be costly. But God’s power and glory is his blessing to us. Amen.

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