Where were You?

Church News | Monday, 25 March 2019 |

By Joan

You were there all the time...

You were there all the time...

What a week we have been through said Revd Carolyn in her sermon on Sunday Morning, so much has happened - Mass murder in New Zealand, teenagers crushed outside a party venue and many hundreds feared dead and injured after the deadly cyclone Idai in Africa. How we respond to these disasters is more about our own thoughts and feelings Revd Carolyn continued, usually, we are swift to look for someone to blame, we also favour the tit-for-tat explanation as we try to balance out the horrors. - Many question God in all this wondering if perhaps they are ‘acts of God’. Being Christian we should steer away from being judgmental and trying to putr the blame on someone.

Whilst we were all thinking of those young teenagers who were crushed and died in Ireland, all the Muslims who were shot, killed and injured in New Zealand, and the heart-breaking deaths and injuries suffered by the people in Africa caused by the massive cyclone Idai, people who had very little and now had virtually nothing, Carolyn read a beautiful prayer taken from the ‘Roots’ website asking God where he was when bullets started flying at people who were at prayer. Where was God when young people out celebrating their patron Saint were crushed, and where was God when the deadly cyclone ripped poor people’s lives apart. Where were you God and who is to blame for all these problems? Of course, God was there with his children all the time, suffering the bullets, the crush and the horrifying winds, stretching out his arms to enfold all his children, those who are now in his heavenly home and those who are still suffering. Grant us Lord the same feeling of empathy and concern towards all your children.

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