Your Choice

Church News | Monday, 19 August 2019 |

By Joan

We need all sorts to do God's work.

We need all sorts to do God's work.

Revd Anne, reminded us that Jesus wanted people to make a choice. To believe in God or not! She stated that it’s a fundamental choice, and asked us what side we were on… She assumed that the majority of those of us in the congregation were on the side of God, but that didn’t mean to say that members of our family and those we love thought the same. Mmmm!

So how do we deal with loved ones and friends who don’t think the way we do? Well, she gave us an example from the bible that tells us that the wheat will be cherished (those on the side of God) but the straw will perish. However, Revd Anne went on to say that we must remember that without the straw there wouldn’t be any ears of wheat and that many of those who are not on God’s side (the straw) are kind, generous and are indeed doing God’s work so we should not be too quick to judge those who do not think as we do…

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