Set Free

Church News | Sunday, 25 August 2019 |

By Joan

Healing Hands'

Healing Hands'

Today we heard the wonderful story of Jesus, who, while teaching in the temple, sees a woman wracked with pain and discomfort. Without hesitation Jesus calls her forward and sets her free from her disability. The leaders of the synagogue quickly jump up and accused our Lord of ‘working’ on a Sabbath day. But of course, Jesus is well versed in the words of Isaiah 58: saying that God himself is here with us on a continual basis, every day, every hour, every minute of the week, we only have to call on him and he is there for us… The woman who was ‘cured’ was very fortunate for she felt the touch of Jesus and was made whole, and although we cannot see or feel his touch, we only have to ask and he is always there to lay his hands upon us and set us free…

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