An angel perhaps?

Church News | Sunday, 1 September 2019 |

By Joan

May have been an angel

May have been an angel

Our two readings at the 10.30 Family service were all about caring and being kind to, not only each other but to anyone – a stranger even. In the reading from Hebrews it says that if we are kind and generous to a stranger, that stranger may have been an angel! In the reading from Luke, it reminds us to be aware of our place in society and not to assume we are more than we think we are. Revd Julie told us of a similar situation that occurred at a wedding where a couple of the most important guests were left without seats because some of the less important people had taken their places. Being kind to others isn’t about us and how important we might think we are, for if we are humble, kind, thoughtful and generous to others we may have been kind to an angel. Who knows?

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