Church News | Sunday, 8 September 2019 |

By Joan

Like clay, we can be re-moulded.

Like clay, we can be re-moulded.

Todays reading from Luke is of Jesus telling the crowds that unless we hate our loved ones or carry the cross, we can never be His disciples. A very difficult passage in the bible to understand… Did Jesus really advocate hating people? Especially our family and friends, No, Revd Carolyn didn’t think so for it was said by a Franciscan monk St Bede that Jesus would have used extreme language to get his message across. Although we all agree with the phrase ‘blood is thicker than water’ the water of Baptism is that which relates us to the Lord. St Bede also said that we should not be controlled by our possessions and although only a minority of devotees like monks etc., are required to give up everything they own we must not become trapped by our assets, Loving Jesus is the only way we can be set free and, like clay, He can remould us into the way He wants us to be…

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