Honest Wealth

Church News | Monday, 23 September 2019 |

By Joan

The beauty of honest wealth...

The beauty of honest wealth...

At this morning’s 10.30 service we looked at the parable of the unjust steward who considered his master's goods as income for his own personal use and as a way to keep friends and influence people. Jesus wants his people and followers to be honest, righteous people and not like those who spend most of their time trying to line their own pockets. Our nation is in a mess, there are evil-doers enslaving thousands in the UK, making money off the backs of vulnerable people who are forced to work in ‘sweat-shops’ producing cheap goods for the wealthy, as well as the many other cheats and those putting self before others. Those in power like the steward in our parable should be held to account and made to put things right and help to produce honest wealth for the benefit of all.

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