Root of all evil?

Church News | Sunday, 29 September 2019 |

By Joan

Help the poor, the sick and the lonely

Help the poor, the sick and the lonely

As last week, we seem to be looking at the problems that arise over the abuse of money. Money isn’t the root of all evil, it’s the love of it that causes all the problems in the world. At the 10.30am Service this morning Revd Diana reminded us that it was the first anniversary of her being Priested and how precious, and how much she loved the words she used when leading the Eucharist service. Partaking of the elements makes all of us one, one in mind and one in body and yet as individuals we are so different, living with different financial circumstances. Today we heard the parable of the rich man who lived off the fat of the land while Lazarus, the poor sick man suffered. When both men died, Lazarus was saved and the rich man was left in limbo, begging to be rescued from his suffering, but of course he was reminded that he had it all in life and did nothing to help the man who had nothing so it was his turn to suffer. God sent His son to save us and forgive us our sins, and as we are all part of the same family we must cherish, share and care for each other.

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