Let Us Pray...

Prayer request by: John | On: 19 March 2020

Please pray for Michael Beeton, a lovely, kind, good hearted 26 year old man in Derry City, Northern Ireland. Michael has battled bone cancer back in 2010 and so even though he has been in continued remission, this coronavirus scare has caused concern for him, as he has to continue to keep well. Pray that his God will protect him, bring him healing and will always bless this kind and talented young man. Thank You. JOHN KING.

Prayer request by: John | On: 12 March 2020

Please pray for Darryl and Sarah Saunders and their little three year old son Isaac who live in Bradford. Pray that God will protect them during this time of stress and concern of the coronavirus. Little Isaac has a history of poor health, so pray that Darryl, Sarah and Isaac will be protected in their health and well being during this tough time ahead. Thank you. From John King.

Prayer request by: John | On: 9 March 2020

Please continue to pray for me today - I just want a spirit of peace, happiness, reasonably good health and financial abundance to manifest and take hold in my life from this moment forth. Pray God will provide this to me today, right now and I can have a happy life ahead. All I want is some peace. Thank you. John King - aged 34 - in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Prayer request by: John | On: 3 March 2020

Kindly pray for the good health of Martina King, a 61 year old woman who lives in the city of Londonderry in Northern Ireland. She seems to always suffer from poor health, ranging from insomnia to irritable bowel syndrome, and in recent days she has become severely paranoid and hypochondriac over the coronavirus scare. Pray for her God to bring her good health, peace of mind, healing energy, good sleep and above all to stop this obsessed paranoia and hypochondria over the coronavirus. Thank You.