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Church News | Sunday, 28 September 2014 |

By Joan

Our 'stars' from the film 'Gifts from God'

Our 'stars' from the film 'Gifts from God'

A super comment sent to St Mary’s website just about says it all “What a delightful film show after the enjoyable hog roast. We thought it to be a very professional production by `amateurs` showing the everyday lives of some Church members. Look forward to more in the future. Thanks be to God. Eileen & Ray Pattie.”

After our successful hog-roast yesterday we all took our places in church to watch the film made by Mike Harvey entitled ‘Gifts from God’.

The film portrayed ten of St Mary’s most loyal and dedicated parishioners and their amazing gifts. The film gave us an insight into the lives of these people and highlighted the talented work they do for the church, its people and the environment that might otherwise go unnoticed. The gifts our ‘stars’ had and used for the good of others were extremely diverse, and each section of film was cleverly held together with appropriate music and commentary. The film as a whole had been woven into a fine tapestry of art-work in its own right and helped to show those of us who were not aware, what wonderful talents and gifts our people have had bestowed upon them. Even though many people cannot recognise their talents, believe it or not, we all have something to offer to God and those around us.

CD’s of the film were available for £5.00 and if you would like a CD of this memorable work please speak to Carolyn or Anne and they will get one for you.

Hopefully, Mike will be making a ‘follow-up’ film next year and if you would like to be part of the ‘God project’ please speak to Mike or Anne.

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