Bereavement Service

Church News | Monday, 3 November 2014 |

By Joan

Beautiful flowers full of life.

Beautiful flowers full of life.

St Mary’s annual Bereavement Service held at 3.00pm yesterday was very poignant and moving.

In her address Revd. Carolyn spoke about bereavement being somewhat like having to climb a high mountain.

Standing at the foot of a mountain can appear daunting and difficult but once we move forward and take that first step, very gradually the steps onward become a little easier.

The death of a loved-one is very difficult to cope with and yet it is the most natural and normal happening in life. Having close family around you can help you through very difficult times for it is one of the best remedies to hand, and with the support of God we usually reach the top of the most daunting mountain to stand once again in the sunshine.

Before the service began we were invited to write the names of our dear departed on a prayer card and during the service we were beckoned to come forward and place the names in a basket before lighting a candle in their memory. We sang some beautiful hymns, including ‘Be still, for the presence of the Lord the Holy One is here.’ And ‘Father, here the prayer we offer.’

Following the service many of us went into the hall for refreshments and a chat before going outside to tackle that mountain once again.

Just a few of the candles that were lit.

Just a few of the candles that were lit.

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