Human Frailty

Church News | Monday, 8 June 2015 |

By Joan

Did we hear a crunch! No of course not...

Did we hear a crunch! No of course not...

It was a very enlightening family service yesterday. The theme for the day was the old, old story of Adam and Eve. Revd Anne sat us down on the mat (virtually of course) although Anne did invite the children to sit on a cosy mat while she sat down to tell us the story. Anne asked the children and us adults too if we had ever been naughty and blamed someone else for the wrong we had done. Not many people owned up to having been naughty however, the act of doing something wrong and blaming someone else must have struck a cord with all of us in the church.

The story of Adam and Eve and the way Anne portrayed it was quite amusing as ripples of laughter rang around the church. It was a fun way to help children remember this major story in the bible and its important for all of us to remember that we all do the wrong thing at times. Anne told the children that they hardly ever get away with wrong-doing as mums and dads have eyes in the back of their heads, and if that’s the case God also knows everything about us and sees all that we do, be it right or wrong.

Reverend Anne owned up to keeping snails in her bedroom when she was young which was against the wishes of her parents, and to illustrate she brought some sweet little snails in an egg box that she sneakily showed to the children on the mat. Ugh! However, Reverend Carolyn wasn’t going to put up with that, so invited the children to escort Anne outside where she could dispose of the snails, humanely of course.

Did we hear a couple of ‘crunches’? mmmmm… Not sure!

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