The Big Apple

Church News | Tuesday, 9 June 2015 |

By Joan

Eve looks on horrified as Adam takes a big bite!

Eve looks on horrified as Adam takes a big bite!

At our family service last Sunday we had the puppets tell the story of Adam and Eve. The story was performed to a song called ‘Good’. The melody started off slowly portraying the calmness of God’s universe where the planets, sun and moon gently moved around in space. Then of course God created the planet Earth, around which he placed the rain-clouds, the moon and the sun which in turn helped the flowers shrubs and trees evolve. Then onto the good earth came the animals and birds. All was well until Adam appeared, to whom God had given instructions that he could enjoy and partake of anything in the world, or from the Garden of Eden apart from the apples from one specific tree called the ‘Tree of Knowledge’.

So that Adam was not alone God created a partner for him called Eve. They both knew that the apples from the Tree of Knowledge were banned but a snake tempted Eve to eat a beautiful Apple and she in turn tempted Adam. Unfortunately Adam was weak and so ate the Apple, from whence sin came about. Of course Adam was sorry and blamed Eve, and Eve blamed the snake. All this wrong-doing and blaming someone or something else for the sins of human kind created chaos. And so we were left with Adam and Eve looking up to what human kind had become, living among the confusion and disorder of the world

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