An Amazing Sunday

Church News | Sunday, 28 June 2015 |

By Joan

Get ready, get set - Go!

Get ready, get set - Go!

What an amazing day we had on Sunday. With the weather not looking as promising as we had hoped Revd. Carolyn jokingly encouraged her congregation in the morning to pray harder for good weather for the afternoon activities. Looking as though God, had for once turned his back on Broomfield we experienced a very heavy down-pouring of rain at lunchtime, which I must admit our gardens so badly needed, however, by three o’clock the sun peeped through the threatening clouds and by five o’clock when many of us started to come along to St Mary’s in order to begin work we were able to set up for the ‘Hot Roast’ and erect the puppet stage ready for ‘Songs of Praise on the Green’. Not having to worry so much about the weather, Revd. Anne and Mike were able to get everything ready for the premiere of the film that Mike had made to celebrate our Pilgrimage to the Holy Land in February.

Revd. Carolyn thanked everyone for their help in setting up and clearing away on the day and for all the work that went into the preparation of this special day.

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