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Church News | Monday, 3 August 2015 |

By Joan

'St Mary's at rest' - From Flickr by Brian Mullender

'St Mary's at rest' - From Flickr by Brian Mullender

August is always a quiet month in the Church calendar. As we know that many families take their summer holidays, many of the groups take a well earned rest.

I would like to thank all those who organise, plan and run any of the clubs at the church. We are blessed with many talented and faithful people here at St Mary’s, Broomfield who know I worked tirelessly to offer many different activities to people in the village, and to ensure that their worship always glorifies God. Your hard work for the kingdom of God in this place is much appreciated, and it is good to have this “Sabbath rest” over the summer to take stock, reflect on all that is done, and to plan for the future. I hope that we do have time over the summer holidays to do this.

Of course, one of the groups that meet regularly, does not get a break… the Churchyard Working Party keep going throughout the year, no matter what the weather! The grass, trees and weeds keep growing, and the stoic group of men and women who work tirelessly to keep our Churchyard and grounds in such good order need to be recognised and thanked for all they do for us.

If you want to read the whole article please see page 5 of the August 2015 ‘Round Tower’

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