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Church News | Thursday, 23 July 2015 |

By Joan

Woodpecker, woodpecker spare that tower!

Woodpecker, woodpecker spare that tower!

Our church tower needs to be repaired!

Unfortunately, the woodpeckers have continued with their determined task to demolish the beautiful and ancient round tower of St Mary’s Church. The woodpeckers love it and periodically the cedar shingles are replaced just so that they can carry on the with the peck-down task…

However, to stop the woodpeckers drilling holes in the new shingles it has been decided to replace the cedar shingles with oak. These are expensive but should last for many more years.

If you would like to help restore the tower a donation of £2.50 or more would be a great help. Everyone who donates £2.50 or more will have their name recorded in a book that will be kept in the tower.

Please help us to keep your church in good order by donating to the work of maintaining the tower and outsmarting the woodpeckers, well… At least for a few years. Thank you

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