The Quiet Christian

Church News | Sunday, 23 August 2015 |

By Joan

Who else can we turn to?

Who else can we turn to?

For her sermon at the 10:30 service, Reverend Carolyn chose to centre on the words of Simon Peter who, when asked by Jesus if he wanted to leave him said ‘Lord, to whom shall we go.’ (John 6: v68)

In the gospel reading this week we heard of the many disciples who turned their backs on Jesus because they just couldn’t accept that He was the Son of God. Jesus then turned to his closest disciples and asked if they wanted to leave him too, but Simon Peter answered Jesus with a question ‘Lord to whom shall we go?’

Carolyn, continued saying that it has never been easy to be a Christian, and like the disciples above we have to choose what we do, we either accept that Jesus is the Son of God or we don’t. We make choices every day but most of our choices are unimportant on a world-wide-scale, but for those who believe and accept have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Carolyn then spoke of Jean Cowell whose funeral she conducted just a few days earlier, saying that she had been a very good Christian lady who did all she had to do for her church and her community, a seemingly quiet person who had never turned her back on Jesus.

It was very thoughtful of Revd Carolyn to highlight the life of someone who had been a quiet Christian, someone who had sat at the back of church most of her life and perhaps hadn’t stood out on a world-wide-scale, someone whose life could have come and gone without anyone hardly noticing. Unfortunately, I never knew this lady but now, I so wish I had…

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