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Church News | Saturday, 26 December 2015 |

By Joan

The puppets delighted the children with two Christmas songs

The puppets delighted the children with two Christmas songs

So much happened at St Mary’s Church over the Christmas season that it’s difficult to know where to begin so perhaps it’s a good idea to start with the first school visits and to say how delighted Revd Carolyn was to welcome three gatherings of young people to St Mary’s. This began on 17th Dec with a large group of youngsters from Chelmer Valley High School who held a Christmas Assembly. Then on 18th Dec, two separate groups of children from Broomfield Primary School held a Christmas Service there.

On Sunday the 20th Dec, St Mary’s Church was packed for the ‘Village Carols Service’ an account of that service can be seen in an article dated 20th Dec entitled ‘Ding, dong, very merrily’.

The 22nd saw some of us in church at the Advent Reflections evening which was the last of four quiet Monday evening session that had been lead by Revd Carolyn, Revd Anne, Diana and finaly Philip. So much quiet stillness in-between all the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations…

On 23rd the church was open in the afternoon for the flower arrangers who always make St Mary’s look so lovely all over the Christmas period, then onto the Christmas Eve services that began with the ‘Crib Service’ at 3.00pm for families with young children, during which a lovely Nativity play was performed by the children from Fun Faith and the puppets delighted the children as they sang two Christmas songs, then later at 5pm St Mary’s held ‘Christmas Praise’ especially for families with older children, when a second, more modern version of the Nativity was staged, in which Revd Carolyn played the part of the Donkey, and I do believe she was a camel too at one point?

According to the figures, it appears that more than five hundred people came and went through St Mary’s doors on Christmas Eve alone, which is truly wonderful:

Oh! And did I hear someone say that Christianity was fading away?

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