The Kings Cometh

Church News | Monday, 4 January 2016 |

By Joan

So happy to see the baby Jesus

So happy to see the baby Jesus

How happy were the kings that came to St Mary’s this morning to see the new baby Jesus who had been promised to them. Revd Anne called the wise men down to sit on a special mat while she spoke to them of the wonder of travel and the fact that, like children at times, the wise men didn’t really know what they were expected to see or where in fact, they were going, they just had to follow a star!

Even so, it must have been very exciting at the time and for today’s kings too and it certainly showed, for one of our own little wise people just couldn’t stop chatting, she even stopped Revd. Anne at one point from carrying on with her talk, which brought many a chuckle from the congregation however, eventually Revd Anne managed to get the young wise people down to the altar crib to see the baby Jesus, just as the real wise men did over two thousand years ago.

The wonder of it all has never gone away and as Philip Howlett said in his powerful address at Evening Prayer, the baby Jesus was to grow up to become the one who could bring the greatest joy into our lives and make the very ordinary become extraordinary!

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