‘He is Risen Indeed-Alleluia’

Church News | Sunday, 17 April 2022 |

By Joan

The empty tomb - ‘He is Risen Indeed-Alleluia’

The empty tomb - ‘He is Risen Indeed-Alleluia’

What a joyous day we have spent at St Mary’s Church, starting with a beautiful, early ‘Sunrise’ Service, then on to a Morning Eucharist with the renewal of baptismal vows. At the service we experienced the joy of being able, at last, to take from the Chalise if we so chose, just wonderful. Finally, the day ended over the churchyard with our Eco-Church, Easter egg hunt. It was a beautiful, mild and light evening as we searched around the churchyard for easter-egg symbols, until we finally gathered together to claim our rewards… Revd Dawn was in charge of the basket of yummy eggs and she relished gathering in the egg-symbols and helping the youngsters and some of the old-sters, to their chocolate prizes. Andy ended the hunt by reminding us what and why easter eggs are so special, as an egg represents the promise of new life. He told us how the first easter egg, made by Fabergé for the Tsar of Russia’s wife, it was meant to be a one-off gift some 136 years ago but the tradition caught on and has continued ever since. Although bejewelled Fabergé eggs are the most expensive gifts in the world there is no gift more precious than the gift of new life promised to us through the cruel death of our Lord, who after three days rose up from the tomb. - He is Risen Indeed-Alleluia!

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