‘Peace be with you’

Church News | Sunday, 24 April 2022 |

By Joan

Peace be with you...

Peace be with you...

At this morning’s service we were all expecting to welcome Revd Canon Imogen Nay, who oversees evangelism and discipleship at Chelmsford Cathedral, but unfortunately, she was unable to attend so she kindly sent us a filmed talk on what we, as a church, can do to improve the environment and on us becoming more eco-friendly as a church family. We were all delighted to welcome Revd Carolyn back into church after her clash with Covid, but she was pleased to remind us that we were now able to take wine as well as bread at the communion table if we so wished and it was delightful to see the offering bags being distributed again. This week we celebrated the story of Jesus appearing to the disciples in a locked room and saying ‘Peace be with you.’ Such a beautiful phrase, as it is Christ’s offering of Peace that calms our hearts and helps us move forward with confidence. It is that Peace that has moved many of us at St Mary’s to take on board the call for us all to be more eco-friendly as a church, as we are proud to say that we are already doing lots of work to help save the planet for future generations so that they too can feel the ‘Peace’. Amen

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