What’s in a Name?

Church News | Sunday, 1 May 2022 |

By Joan

The start of a journey

The start of a journey

That’s the question posed by Revd Carolyn at this morning’s Eucharist. Christian or not, almost everyone must have heard of ‘Doubting Thomas’ and knows of his embarrassing denial of Jesus’ appearance in the upper room, and then she wondered why some of the other disciples didn’t have their names adapted to their actions such as, ‘denying Peter’ or ‘runaway Mark’ perhaps. But no, it was only poor old Thomas who was saddled with his doubting problem. During the service we were delighted to witness the baptism of a delightful, little man who was given the name of Stanley. St Mary’s church was packed to welcome this little boy and his family into the faith. Jesus calls us by our name, and even if we deny Him as Peter did, we always have the opportunity to be forgiven… At evening prayer Revd Dawn posed a second question as she reflected on the disciple’s reactions to the crucifixion and the astonishing appearances of Jesus. Did they understand what was happening? It was all so unbelievable and frightening. I am sure most of us find the cruel death and mystical resurrection of our Saviour difficult to understand and comprehend, but if we keep the faith, trust in God and love as he loves us, then when He calls us by our name, we should find Peace in our hearts. Amen

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