Revd Diana’s Retirement Celebration.

Church News | Sunday, 22 May 2022 |

By Joan



It was with sadness yet great joy that many of us gathered in church this morning to celebrate Revd. Diana’s retirement. One of our readings today came from Acts 16: 9-15. It told of Paul having a vision in which he was to spread the Word of God to people in other areas of the country so he travelled around and eventually he came to a place called Philippi, where he spoke to a gathering of women. One rather wealthy lady called Lydia, already believed yet her heart was opened by the Holy Spirit, which enabled her belief to deepen. So much so that she requested that all of her Gentile family be baptised in the name of the Lord. Revd Carolyn likened Revd Diana and her ministry over the years to that of Lydia’s whereby for so many years Diana had been part of the church yet her heart was opened up to God’s calling and she responded. At Revd Diana’s celebration after the service, Revd Carolyn said how Diana had worked tirelessly for the church and her people over the years and was presented with a gift which will enable her to acquire something which will always remind her of the gentle, prayerful and mystical work she has performed here in St Mary’s.

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