Thy will be done.

Church News | Sunday, 29 May 2022 |

By Joan

Knowing the future can be dark and dangerous

Knowing the future can be dark and dangerous

Today at the Family Service we heard the long and beautifully read story of Paul and Silas being interned because they created a great disturbance! It appeared that Paul and Silas had been followed around for days by a female slave who had psychic powers, she constantly shouted out about their words from God and eventually, Paul took it upon himself to call upon his own powers to rob the girl of hers. Once the girl’s owners found out that they would no longer be able to make money out of the girl’s gift of fortune-telling they called upon the authorities and Paul and Silas were imprisoned. In her sermon Revd Carolyn, asked if any of us would like to know what was in our future? Predicting the future can be dark and dangerous for us and yet psychic fairs are usually attended by masses. In the Paul and Silas story it goes on to tell us that during the night there was an earthquake and the jail crumbled and the guard was so afraid that all the prisoners had escaped he threatened to kill himself by his own sword. But Paul told him not to as the prisoners had stayed, and he told the guard to ‘Trust ON Christ’ Revd Carolyn said that this way with words could be likened to thinking of Jesus as a huge stone, a solid ROCK that we can stand ON so we need not worry about the future for we always pray ‘Thy will be done’ and it will… Amen

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