Pentecost & Queen’s Jubilee.

Church News | Sunday, 5 June 2022 |

By Joan

Amazing Celebrations

Amazing Celebrations

Two amazing celebrations were held in St Mary’s Church today. This morning we celebrated Pentecost, the time when the promised Holy Spirit came down upon the disciples, enabling them to communicate the message of God to all the different speaking people that had gathered for the Passover, it was surely an amazing and an astonishing happening, a holy phenomenon that only Jesus Christ, Son of God could perform, not just for the disciples, but for all of us. This evening a special celebratory Evening Prayer was held for Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. Revd Carolyn gave thanks to God in a special prayer for the Queen’s faithfulness to God and for the example of her loving and faithful service to her country and the commonwealth over the seventy years of her reign. The Queen didn’t visit us in person but the puppet queen joined with the rest of the congregation to sing a rousing song entitled ‘Celebration’. So, at the end of a very exciting four days of parties and performances let us all thank God for the gift of The Holy Spirit who has guided his faithful servants around the world and Queen Elizabeth throughout her time on the throne… Amen.

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