God on Father’s Day

Church News | Sunday, 19 June 2022 |

By Joan

Dear Lord and Father

Dear Lord and Father

This morning we heard the story of the man who was so mentally distressed that he lived naked and chained up in a tomb. Once Jesus had healed him, he was set free from the demons and sat calmly at Jesus feet fully clothed… Being clothed gives us the self-esteem that we need to live happy and successful lives. Revd Carolyn reminded us of how, as young teenagers, the majority of us yearn to be free and independent from our parents, but is being totally independent a good thing? She asked. Jesus needed and prayed to his Father in heaven, we also need to be dependent on God. Today we thought about our earthly fathers, most of whom, like Jesus, treat their children with gentleness, care and dignity. So, to return that tender care we pray… ‘Dear Lord you are the perfect Father to us all. Bless all the fathers in the world. Give them Wisdom to teach their children, Courage to advise their children, Patience when things go wrong and Strength to carry their children: Give them Love to share with their children and we pray for that love to be returned to them. Amen’

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