Come, Follow Me:

Church News | Sunday, 26 June 2022 |

By Joan

To represent the Fruit of the Spirit.

To represent the Fruit of the Spirit.

At our Family Service this morning, Revd Carolyn based her talk on two readings, one obscure reading reminded us of the many Fruits of the Spirit, and the other from Luke 9: 57-62 where Jesus asks us to follow Him, regardless of the consequences. It’s not easy said Revd Carolyn, when God calls us as we never know where we are going to be lead and what the cost will be… In the reading Jesus tells people not to keep making excuses, which sounds quite harsh, but he assures us that our reward will be plentiful. Do you shy-away when you hear God calling? I am sure we all do at times. Even so, I really don’t think God is asking us to abandon our loved-ones or our work, but He does want us to listen, act on His Word and obey. Do you know what the Fruits of the Spirit are? Well, to demonstrate, Revd Carolyn had a pile of different coloured paper with her and she asked us what each colour represented. She held up red and we murmured ‘Love’ and then she asked what fruit was red, when someone called out a ‘Strawberry’, the lady was then asked to draw a strawberry… and so it progressed through all the coloured fruits, poor me got left with the last colour, black and I said blackberries! Unfortunately, the pen I was given wouldn’t mark the black paper so I ended up in the hall, with a pair of scissors cutting out some blackberries on a cane…Ugh! BTW: The Fruits of the Spirit are: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-control… Amen!

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