The Good Man

Church News | Sunday, 3 July 2022 |

By Joan

John the Baptist

John the Baptist

I have always found John the Baptist to be a very intriguing character, and at Evening Prayer we heard the age-old story of how John’s life was cut short because of a senseless, thoughtless promise. In his address, rather than go over the story once again, Andy decided to help us understand John a little bit better… John was a bold, strong man… a man who wasn’t afraid to stand up and speak his mind. He was good, justly good, he showed others the way to God. John was holy, he was true to the Lord and he was a listener, he surely listened to God and followed his Word. John became very well-known for baptising people and bringing them to God, he was a captivating orator and was thought by many to be the One they were waiting for, yet as bold as John was, he was humble enough to quickly assure people that he was not the Messiah… in fact, he would tell his admirers that he was indeed, unworthy to kneel down before the One who would come after him! However, as humble as John was God empowered him to Baptise Jesus, which enabled our Saviour to move forward into his ministry. What a truly, good man John was. But then he had to be bold, strong and good, as he needed the strength of character to pave the way for the true Christ. Amen

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