The Samaritan

Church News | Sunday, 10 July 2022 |

By Joan

Do the right thing...

Do the right thing...

Today at the Morning Eucharist, we heard that wonderful story yet again of the Good Samaritan. One of Jesus’ most well-known parables… Armed with a plumb-line after the reading from Amos 7: Revd Carolyn put it to one side to concentrate on the true good neighbour! It appears that this parable was prompted after a lawyer asked Jesus what he had to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus obviously reminded him of having to love God and his neighbour as himself. Again, the lawyer tested Jesus by asking who exactly his neighbour might be… Hence the parable was born. Revd Carolyn said that even then, like now, many people only consider their friends or the people next door to be neighbours, however, rather than being good and considerate to our closest, at all times we should ‘do the right thing’. We are all called to do whatever God would have us do, and like her plumb-line, be straight and true and to do the right thing for anyone we happen to come across. Jesus was a genius with words and instead of answering the lawyers ‘who then is my neighbour?’ question, after quoting the parable, he turns the question around and askes the lawyer, ‘who then was the good neighbour?’ God’s will be done when we help our neighbours. In the task of caring and for those who are despairing, God’s will be done! Amen

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