Church News | Sunday, 14 August 2022 |

By Joan

Act NOW, not tomorrow

Act NOW, not tomorrow

Last week at our morning Eucharist we heard all about love, giving and kindness, however, this week we found ourselves being chastised, for what? Being complacent perhaps? Not really caring maybe? Putting off what we should do today in the hope it will get done tomorrow? In her address Revd Carolyn reminded us of the three readings we had – one from Jeremiah, one from Hebrews and the Gospel reading from Luke, telling us that we should definitely not be self-satisfied and smug, because as a true, active Christian life is not always going to be easy and we should always be ready to stand up to anyone regarding our belief in God and what is right, even perhaps, members of our own family! We should be very wary of ignoring that which is going on around us today, and we should be prepared to set matters right, now - not tomorrow for we cannot foretell the future and we never, ever know when we will be called to account for our faith and lack of commitment… So, we have been warned to look around at the world today and see what is going on now, and with faith in Christ our Lord and Saviour and through what we do today we should be ready and prepared for the future. Amen

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