The Sabbath:

Church News | Sunday, 21 August 2022 |

By Joan

Rest, pray, read the bible or just be.

Rest, pray, read the bible or just be.

At this morning’s service we heard from Luke 13: how Jesus, looked kindly upon an afflicted women and healed her, not only in the Synagogue but on the Sabbath day too! My goodness, did Jesus get reprimanded by those who wanted to see him brought down, but Jesus didn’t relent, he stood up and said; did they not work on the Sabbath day? Did they not lead their animals to water when they were thirsty, besides having to perform other necessities? In his address Canon John, said that the Sabbath was set-aside as holy by God himself, after taking rest on the Seventh Day… Jews have always been known for trying as best they can to keep the Sabbath day free from work but its almost impossible to spend a whole day doing absolutely nothing, Revd John pointed out to us that its not necessarily the work that has to be done on the Sabbath, its more the quality of time we give to contemplating what resting on the Sabbath means… So, even if you have to work on the Sabbath, it was suggested that you might take a small amount of valuable time each week to rest, pray, read the bible or just be. At our Eco-church service this afternoon we celebrated our love for our beloved pets, only dogs were there to represent our pets, but our cats, birds, reptiles and fish were thought about and prayed for. It was a beautiful day; a delightful service and our pets were super-good. Amen.

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