The Cost of Discipleship.

Church News | Sunday, 4 September 2022 |

By Joan

I want to abide in your love.

I want to abide in your love.

The Cost of Discipleship. Luke 14: 25-33: Jesus turned to the crowd and said, that if they gave up everything: Family, Time, Worldly Goods, EVERYTHING. Only then could they be a Disciple! What is Discipleship? Asked Revd Carolyn at this morning’s Eucharist Service. Having to give up everything: Everything we hold dear; Where is the Good News in that she asked? Revd Carolyn quoted from a book by Rowan Williams entitled ‘Being a Disciple’ saying it’s not about giving up everything, it's more like ‘being’ or ‘abiding’ in God always, not just going to church on a Sunday, it's more like living in a continual relationship with the Lord, walking the same walk, breathing the same air, being in God’s presents guides our every word and action. Just like the potter at his wheel, after working with a spoiled vessel, you will be broken down and remolded by Jesus into the Disciple he wants you to be. Learn how to just ‘Be’. At Evening Prayer Revd Dawn also posed a question asking to whom do we turn? Do we trust ourselves, do we turn to one of the Disciples or John the Baptist? There is only one true saviour for us to turn to and that is Jesus. Amen

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