Church News | Sunday, 18 September 2022 |

By Joan



The Eucharist service this morning took the place of the intended ‘Harvest Festival Service’ as we are still in mourning following the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. Our readings were poignant and our Gospel reading was complexed indeed, it told the parable of the shrewd steward who cheated his master for his own gain… Jesus warns us that we cannot serve two masters, we have to make a choice between loving worldly goods or God, we cannot love both. In her sermon, Revd Carolyn, advised us to step back and take a look at our own lives. Like our late Queen, even though extraordinarily wealthy she devoted her life to her people and God. Can we give more time to our neighbours and our church? Can we dedicate more of our lives to God? Some of us spent a little of our time at the Evening Vigil that was held for our late Queen, a time when we could remember all she did for her people and a time we could think and pray for all the people who died recently, people we did not know, people who no one cared for, those who had no support or those no one loved. But like our Queen, they too are loved and cared for by our loving God… Amen

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