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Church News | Sunday, 9 October 2022 |

By Joan

Your Faith has healed you.

Your Faith has healed you.

On a beautiful, crisp, October morning we gathered together to celebrate the Eucharist lead by Revd Dawn. Our Gospel reading today told of the 10 men with leprosy who Jesus healed, yet of the ten, only one man returned to thank Jesus for his miraculous healing. Jesus inquired of him as to where the other nine men were? Why hadn’t they returned to give thanks for their good fortune? In his address, Andy made an effort to explain by saying that because leprosy was such a dreadful disease, those affected were always ostracised and banished from their villages. So, perhaps the healed men couldn’t wait to get back to their homes and families with the astonishing news. Andy said that the majority of people are taught as children to say ‘Thank you’ to people who are kind and generous to them. But how often do we remember to thank God for all the things we are blessed with? Jesus asks us to remember and care for those who are downtrodden and unloved just as he did, and when we thank Jesus, we are Glorifying God. Then we are saved, just like Jesus said to the leper. ‘Your Faith has Healed You’ Amen

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