Church News | Monday, 17 October 2022 |

By Joan

Our persistent seasons

Our persistent seasons

This week’s Gospel reading tells us about the persistent widow who kept going to her local judge looking for justice. Many times, she went to him and in the end the judge gave up, and gave her what she wanted because he became tired of hearing from her. In her address Revd Dawn said that she didn’t particularly like to word ‘persistent’ as it sounds more like nagging… However, Jesus told his disciples this parable to show them that when they pray, they should never give up turning to God when they are in need and as Revd Dawn said at the end of her address that we should always be persistent in our faithfulness, love and prayer… Rather like our persistent seasons, for without fail, they revolve throughout the year. At Eco Church we looked at the beautiful autumn leaves that are not only changing their amazing colours but are falling to earth, in preparation for winter.

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