Bible Sunday

Church News | Monday, 24 October 2022 |

By Joan



This week we celebrated ‘Bible Sunday’. In his address, Andy said that Paul wrote to the Romans saying that even though the new Christians may have different opinions if we are supported and held together, we can work things out… And to prove his point he had some of the congregation running up and down the isle in an egg n spoon race, being supported with our shouts of encouragement. Yes! Really! However, in the evening around 15 of us along with Revd’s Carolyn, and Dawn went to Chelmsford Cathedral to see the spectacular, Gaia Exhibition. Gaia, is a huge piece of artwork depicting the earth as an astronaut would see it. The massive globe was suspended from the ceiling of the Cathedral two meters up and was wistfully rotating. This massive piece of artwork was created by Artist Luke Jerram who hopes that it will inspire visitors to become more mindful of our amazing planet. The exhibition has been on for the last two weeks and is there until the 30th October… Amazing!

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