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Church News | Sunday, 6 November 2022 |

By Joan

Our beautiful Church

Our beautiful Church

On a very wet and soggy November morning Revd Carolyn looked around our beautiful church and reminded us that as beautiful as she is, it's only a building… and it is her people that are the church! Our Gospel reading from John 10: told of how Jesus was challenged as to who He really was. Jesus replied saying that it was the works that He did in God’s name that testified to who He was. Revd Carolyn went on to say that our church is dedicated to two humble people, The Virgin Mary and St Leonard, the son of wealthy French parents who, because of his power of prayer was granted some land on which he built a monastery named St Mary’s, a building in which he housed the poor, the unloved and where he gave ex-prisoners the opportunity to work the land so that they had time to learn to live again. And of course, the young, innocent girl Mary, who despite her fear of rejection and disgrace, listened to the words of God and succumbed to His request. Do we listen to God’s words? And does the work of our hearts and minds testify to Jesus? Well... After all the work and hours spent by those from St Mary’s at our Table Top Sale on Saturday, I am sure their work and dedication testify to their commitment to the Lord and our beautiful church.

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