Christ the King:

Church News | Sunday, 20 November 2022 |

By Joan

Forgiveness, so simple but so important.

Forgiveness, so simple but so important.

A very special day today as we celebrated ‘Christ the King’ ‘Shoebox Sunday’ and ‘Stir-up Sunday’. Canon John led our Eucharist service, and reminded us that Stir-up Sunday in bygone years was the day when families got together to prepare the Christmas puddings, taking turns and time to stir the mixture together and by making secret wishes… We also, remembered the time when our dying Lord asked God to forgive the criminals that hung alongside Him and those who had crucified Him as they ‘Didn’t know what they were doing’. And then it was Shoebox Sunday when many of the church family members had put together a shoebox full of gifts or ordered them online for poor children who would not otherwise receive gifts at Christmas… Later on in the damp, cold, afternoon we met in St Leonard’s Hall and in Church, looking out for the birds who frequent our gardens, birds mentioned in the bible and we were able to make a bird feeder which we can hang in our gardens. All in all, a very busy day… Amen

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