Advent Sunday:

Church News | Monday, 28 November 2022 |

By Joan

The candle of HOPE.

The candle of HOPE.

After celebrating ‘stir-up Sunday’ last week and now that our Christmas puddings are nestled in their bowls, quietly maturing, perhaps we can begin to look forward. The first of Advent is a time of waiting, hoping and, anticipation… So today we had our beautiful advent candles set up on which to gaze. Our first candle lit is that of HOPE. Hope requires a willingness to work towards our goals. Do we wish we could do better in our Christian lives? Do we hope to pray more, help more, give more, do more? Without hope we have nothing to look forward to, nothing to encourage us to push for better things in our lives. So perhaps this week we can do what our puddings are doing, we can sit quietly and take some time to think about what we want, we can start reflecting on what Jesus wants us to do, we can listen and hope for God’s guidance. We can hope for the ability to fulfil our dreams, dreams of being the person we hope will please God. So, take this time to be quiet, reflect and wait in hope, for you never know when the Lord is going to call on you…

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